What is the best camera for live streaming

00:20 What cameras can you use to live stream
01:20 How to get the best from Cheap Cameras

01:40 Low Budget most affordable live stream camera
01:58 Are Webcams good for live streaming
02:15 Sample video of a cheap 1080p Webcam
02:40 Benefits of using a webcam for live streaming
03:30 live streaming setup for smartphones
03:48 Multi-camera live streaming setup
04:40 How to setup IP Webcam with Mobile
07:05 How to add a wireless camera in OBS

08:29 Action camera for live streaming
08:50 Webcam or Action camera as live stream camera
10:30 Is an action camera good as a webcam
11:08 How to light your live stream
11:54 Light setup with led for nice live stream

13:53 Mid range camera for live streaming
14:10 Multi-camera live streaming setups
14:20 What does a camcorder look like for a live stream
15:12 how to improve camera battery life for live stream
15:50 how to add multiple cameras in OBS

17:30 Dslr camera streaming setup
18:00 DSLR view with different lens live stream

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