Is it worth getting a Camera Phone in 2020

Smartphone cameras have come a long way but should you be buying an expensive smartphone just for the camera?

We talk to guest Patrick from Silly Mundane about his phone journey.

hello and welcome to another episode of Zulf Talks photography today we’re looking at best budget camera phones in 2020 so I was looking at some interesting articles and I thought you know what that’s a good topic to look at because it’s not all about DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras and having really fancied lenses loads of people carry around mobile phones with them in their pocket every day and it’s an easy option to get into photography it depends on what types of photos you’re taking and today we’re going to basically look at a few options and I’m going to talk to you about sort of price ranges and what makes a good camera in terms of mobile phone photography so I’m your host results and welcome to the show these cameras that we’ve been looking at recently are actually quite out there so the best overall performance seems to be the Google pixel 3a it’s a flagship quality camera phone front and back it’s a decent price considering what you’re getting there and there’s a few different options now so in the US you can pick up cameras you can pick up cameras outside of the US best outside of the u.s. seems to be the Moto G H Plus which is a camera that we’ve been looking at quite significantly so it’s not loads of…

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