This Photography Live Show we focus on how to take great photos of your pets. We have two photoshoots planned. We review the photos from each session and see how different lenses affect the photos we take.
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00:00 How to take photos of your dog
00:25 Taking Pet Photos
01:33 Make sure you pick up some DSTE Batteries

02:20 How to shoot photos of your dog in a park
02:54 How to take great photos of your Pet.
03:11 Let your dog be a dog before a photoshoot
04:50 Types of photos to take with a dog

05:10 Shooting a dog with a Canon 70 200 2.8 lens
07:10 How to take Pet photos with a Canon 24 70 2.8 Lens
09:00 Wide photos of a dog wit wide lens
10:20 Photos with a macro lens
12:00 DSLR Holster for camera
12:30 Low photos of dogs
14:33 Looking at the raw photos from the Dog park shoot
15:30 Why shoot raw photos in camera
21:40 How to take photos of the dog on a cityscape
39:00 Looking at the raw photos from the cityscape shoot

39:30 Black Goldfish Comet pets
41:34 How I edit my Raw photos
41:50 Basic Lightroom edits for a raw photo
45:22 Taking photos of your Dog at home
46:00 Edit My Raw Photos of Dog in the garden at home

Channel Guest and Friends
Thanks to the Reddit Sub EditMyRaw for all the edit submissions.
Zulf Talks Photography Podcast
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