This is a complete step starter guide to downloading installing and using the basic options in Raw Therapee.

00:00 Welcome
00:39 Summary of what we will cover in this video
01:16 What is Raw Therapee and its history
02:21 How to download Raw Therapee
02:31 How to find out if your windows is 32bit or 64bit
03:10 How to install Raw Therapee
04:11 Basic menus on Raw Therapee explained
06:05 Starting Raw Therapee first time
06:34 How to bring raw photos in Raw Therapee
08:19 How to edit a photo in Raw Therapee
08:35 Simple edits in Raw Therapee
11:44 How to export a photo from Raw Therapee
11:57 the Queue options in Raw Therapee
13:00 Orignal image vs the edited

Download Raw Therapee here free –
The version I have is 5.8 so please see below for the chapters in this episode. How to edit raw images from a camera free.

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