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Based in Birmingham my interests have always been around the “digital world” from recording media to digital photo manipulation. Over a 10 year period I have expanded my expertise as a Fashion Photographer, delivering a rich multimedia service across multiple channels. Working alongside existing business values, I manage online portfolios to achieve professional long term solutions keeping you at the media forefront.

I use my technical knowledge to help businesses in the fashion industry to benefit from the online digital age. This varies from using social media and the World Wide Web to benefit growth and profitability.  I provide a mixture of multimedia services from photo manipulation/ videography and integration of social media into your business. You can see some of my current work on my Projects page.

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We are a web design service, covering the fashion industry across Birmingham and Solihull.  We identify your growth possibilities bringing focus to your distinctive company service to build customer loyalty while maintaining Constructive relationships our service makes you easily accessible across multiple platforms integrating social media to your advantage. We use digital graphics with professional photographers and videoography to portray your business over multiple channels we build your “Digital Online Shop Front” Our service costs are kept low due to strict use of Open Source software. Success is a journey not a destination. Simplifying the online puzzle Official Photographer for Khushboos by Chand and Official Photographer for Mumtaz Collection Web Management Solutions by Zulf Photography